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with Maria Pesin

At the age of 56 I was laid off from my executive position. At the same time my mother was in hospice living in my home; she unfortunately died a few days after I left my job.

There I was, grieving and unemployed.

These were two of the most stressful events I could ever imagine going through in my life. There weren’t any jobs to be had, and I was burnt out from working in very negative situations for highly difficult people. My children were grown, and while they hadn’t left home yet, they still had their own lives.

To compound things I started having real health issues.

I knew I needed to make a true transformation - but how?

Fast forward 7 years and while things still aren't perfect by any means, I am finally on my way to living the life of my dreams.

This is my story, and with this challenge it can be yours too!

The "Make Your Next Act Your Best Act!" Free 3 Day Challenge

Maria will spend 3 days sharing with you her secrets and techniques especially designed for women over 50.


The Challenge

What does it mean to be a woman over 50 in today's society? Why I know that living up to your dreams is possible if you put in the effort and planning you need.



How we view the life we're leading in large part determines the life we are destined to live. That's why what goes on between your ears is so important!



Talk is cheap, but results are all that count. Maria will share her secrets for setting and reaching realizable life-changing goals. Don't miss this all important lesson!

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3 Days to Designing a New and More Fulfilling Future!

  • Starts Wednesday, Nov 2nd.
  • 1 Class daily at 2pm eastern
  • Delivered live through our Facebook group
  • Exclusively For Women Over 50!
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